Clinically proven

Removes plaque 48% more efficient than ordinary toothbrush.

No paste required

Effective in removing plaque even without the use of toothpaste.

Ion power

Healthier and cleaner teeth thanks to ionization.

Interchangable heads

Wide range of interchangeable heads.


Plaque and then tartar are the two most common problems in oral hygiene. Bacteria that contain dental plaque produce acids that slowly etch the tooth enamel and, when they work for a long time, cause tooth decay. Plaque also damages the attachment of the tooth in the bone – it attacks the periodontium. Periodontium is fibrous fibers that connect the root of the tooth with the bone bed and further connect the neck of the tooth with the gums. Accumulated plaque that you do not remove can mineralize, stain and turn to tartar.

With the ionizing toothbrush, your teeth will be 48% cleaner, even in hard-to-reach places. Plus, without the need to use a paste. It is clinically proven * that the IONICKISS toothbrush is much more effective than a regular manual toothbrush, and users report cleaner and smoother teeth without plaque when visiting their dentist. The IONICKISS manual toothbrush is an unrivaled helper in the fight against dental plaque. Patented Japanese technology causes plaque to be repelled from the surface of your teeth, similar to using a magnet.

Japanese Top Quality

Made in Japan. Kiss you.

The IONICKISS ionizing toothbrush generates negative ions and directs their flow between the toothbrush and the tooth. Ionization thus disrupts the ionic bond between.



1. Brush

IONICKISS toothbrushes are made of the highest quality materials. Quality fibers remove every dirt.

2. Interchangeable Heads

Ensures the longevity of your toothbrush. When they are worn, simply replace them with new ones and your toothbrush is ready to use as on the day you purchased it.

3. Led Light

Battery status information. The battery lasts at least 1 year in normal use.


It is a place that one must touch when cleaning teeth with a wet hand/finger to allow the generation of ions that break the ionic bond between the tooth surface and the plaque and thus clean the tooth surface more effectively.

5. Battery Test Button

Press the battery test button usually once or twice a week to see if the battery is working.

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